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  • Katie Cook
    Why pursue a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration? The University of Wyoming’s MS HSA program will provide individuals the opportunity to establish and strengthen one’s skillset in compliance and regulatory matters, financial management, foundational human resources, institutional leadership and many other facets that are proven to be an integral part of any healthcare organization. A Master’s in Health Services Administration is extremely versatile and well respected, leaving the healthcare profession in its entirety, open
  • Graduate
    It’s 2020. Unemployment across the country is at an all-time low. Readily available information and global networking are available in the palm of your hand. Technology is flourishing and job advancement opportunities are rapidly growing. So, why would you need a Master’s degree in today’s job market? Learning is a lifelong process. Lifelong learning cultivates personal development, self-sustainability, social responsibility, and credibility. Every year, industries are rapidly growing with the increased use of technology and
  • MBA vs MSHSA
    Selecting a master’s program within the realm of healthcare entails many factors that you need to consider. It is crucial to pick a value-added degree that will teach you the skills needed to move in the direction of greater career opportunity within the healthcare industry. Master’s programs differ in academics, but also in training philosophies and emphases. For those who decide to take a career path in healthcare administration, the most closely aligned master’s degrees
  • choices sign
    What master’s programs will you apply to? Selecting a master’s program entails many factors that you need to consider. It’s not just a matter of determining your field of study – master’s programs in any given discipline may vary widely. Master’s programs differ in academics, but also in training philosophies and emphases. In deciding where to apply, consider your own goals and directions as well as your resources. Consider the following: Basic Demographics Once you
  • Botulinum Toxin Type A Overdoses
    Dr. Rashid Kazerooni, PharmD, MS, BCPS, is a Medical Science Liaison at Merz North America. Dr. Kazerooni is among the first graduates of the University of Wyoming’s 2016-2018 MSHSA program and we couldn’t more proud of his independent project, Botulinum Toxin Type A Overdoses: Analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database, being published. _______________________________________________________________________________________ © Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018 Introduction Published literature on overdoses related to botulinum toxin A (BtxA) agents is scarce. Objective The aim of this study was to assess the
  • online UWYO MS HSA
    Choosing a Master’s Degree program requires some research, with an understanding of what you want to do with your future and why you believe a Master’s Degree will assist you in that pursuit. Leaders with specialized healthcare expertise are in demand, and according to the recently released Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the pharmacy profession is only expected to grow incrementally between now and 2026, but Healthcare Administration is growing at a much faster than